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[주간세미나] 2015년 12월 7일
관리자 2015-12-02

<최병덕교수 Lab.>

* 발표자 : 김현우

* 제목 : Effects of boron-doping on the dielectric characteristics of solution-processed aluminum oxide

* 내용 : In this study, we investigated the effects of boron doping on the high-k dielectric characteristics of solution-processed aluminum oxide (Al2O3). Boron-doped aluminum oxide exhibited smaller hysteresis of (<0.4V) than that of undoped aluminum oxide (0.5V) and the increased capacitance which indicates the reduction in the thickness of the dielectric film. The reduced thickness of oxide layers is associated with the fact that boron ions have stronger bonding strength with oxygen atoms than the bonding strength between aluminum and oxygen ions so that the denser film could be obtained. The boron-doped aluminum oxide film also blocked the gate leakage current effectively with higher breakdown voltages. The results showed that boron-doped aluminum oxide has possibilities to be applied as a gate insulator in thin-film transistors (TFTs).

* 발표자 : 김종민

* 제목 : Optimization of Solution-Processed ITZO/IGZO Dual-Active-Layer Thin-Film Transistors

* 내용 : We successfully fabricated dual-active-layer (DAL) thin-film transistors (TFTs) with active back and front layers of InGaZnO (IGZO) and InSnZnO (ITZO) respectively, via a solution process. Our optimized DAL TFT displayed optimal performance characteristics with a saturation mobility (μsat) of 11.5 cm2/V&8729s, a steep subthreshold swing of 0.36 V/dec, and a high on/off ratio exceeding 107. This mobility represents an order of magnitude increase when compared to a single active layer (SAL) TFT with an ITZO active layer. Furthermore, the devices exhibited an improved positive bias stress (PBS) of ΔVTH +2.6 V under a positive bias stress of 10 V. In order to determine which drivers resulted in the observed enhanced electrical performance, we analyzed the role of the front and back channels while varying the molarity of the active layer. The front and back channels varied relative to the current path, controlling the VTH and off current, respectively.
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